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Consumer empowerment in a smart meter world (SMART-UP)

Tags: Energy auditsSmart metersSocial workersVulnerability

The SMART-UP project encourages the active use of smart meters and in-home displays by vulnerable consumers to change their energy behaviour. Social workers and other frontline staff have been trained to advise and empower vulnerable households to become more energy efficient. The target is to engage 5,000 vulnerable households in total.

Institute for Sustainable Energy, University of Malta

The Institute of Sustainable Energy within the University of Malta monitors developments related to energy utilization in sectors such as demography, economy and industry. Analysis of trends of sector energy use provide basis for a strategy for the application of energy conservation and renewable energies. It organises and participates in teaching programmes and research projects in the field of energy technology. Other objectives include disseminating appropriate methods and techniques relevant to the our areas of interest and to design equipment adapted to local conditions.