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Relevant Organisations

Family intelligent Energy Saving Target Action (FIESTA)

Tags: BehaviourChildren

The project (IEE/13/624) aims to help families with children save energy at home, acting on their electricity consumption behaviour and appliance-purchasing decisions through a comprehensive programme, including an energy audit tool and energy efficiency guide for households. Energy Help Desks have been created in 14 cities, and specific support measures have been devised, including workshops for schools & social housing residents, as well as cooling solutions retailers & installers, and home energy efficiency lotteries and consumer purchasing groups.

French Energy Poverty Observatory (Observatoire National de la Précarité Énergétique - ONPE)

The Observatory takes into consideration the social, energy, health and economic aspects of energy poverty. It is a permanent monitoring and evaluation tool which provides decision-making tools to the government, national agencies, communities, energy providers, associations and professionals working in energy poverty. The Observatory contains different policies and common indicators of enery poverty, aims to better define the concept and to improve the use of observation, analysis, evaluation and intervention tools. It is based on the principles of neutrality, sustainability and statistical reliability.

Fuel Poverty and Energy Efficiency Group (FPEEG)

FPEEG, the Fuel Poverty and Energy Efficiency Group, is a coalition of cross party MPs and industry stakeholders committed to maintain awareness in Parliament of fuel poverty issues; to monitor and comment on progress against Government’s targets to eradicate fuel poverty; to advocate policies that deliver affordable warmth for vulnerable households with emphasis on improved domestic energy efficiency including effective thermal insulation alongside efficient and effective heating systems.

GRE-Liège (GRE-Liège)

Tags: Employment

This organisation brings together private and public operators to promote economic, social and urban development in the province of Liège. Energy efficiency is one of its fields of action, through projects that facilitate the energy transition process towards a more efficient use of resources. At the local level this implies the improvement of efficiency of consumption, yields and intensity of use, as well as the development of alternative and sustainable production methods.

Habitat for Humanity

Tags: NGOs

This organisation launched an advocacy project in 2017 which aims to prevent energy poverty in Poland. The project involves a number of initiatives that should provide a better understanding of the issue, as well as active collaboration with non-profit organizations, business partners, government officials and local authorities.