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The 2GENDERS project focuses on energy poverty in Belgium. The project will describe the phenomenon and the populations affected, ascertain the wider associations, if any, between energy poverty and social relations, mobility and self-reported health, and design and deliberate possible interventions with a range of important stakeholders including the energy poor. Particular attention will be paid to gender and generational aspects of energy poverty because there is good reason to believe that energy poverty is not manifested equally between genders and generations – for example single mothers and older people may be more affected. The final aim of the project is to provide policy makers with a set of theoretically and empirically informed policy options and recommendations to alleviate both the occurrence of energy poverty in Belgium, and its effects.

Accompany cities in energy strategy (ACCENT)

Tags: Area-based targetingMunicipalities

In this project, a tool is developed that will allow local public administrations to define energy strategies at city scale based on the estimated energy consumption of the buildings. The tool will enable the city to locate areas where buildings have low energy efficiency and those areas where there is a high percentage of domestic energy poverty.