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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Robić, S.

This report gives a glimpse into the everyday life of those who are severely affected by adverse impacts of living in energy poverty throughout South East Europe, while trying to provide guidance for possible paths to solving the problem. Tools and mechanisms that can provide immediate and much...Read more

Rosenow, J., Platt, R., and Flanagan, B.

Energy efficiency obligations (or white certificates) are increasingly used to reduce carbon emissions. While the energy efficiency obligations were originally intended as carbon reduction and not fuel poverty policies, due to recognition of the potential for regressive outcomes they often...Read more

Stockton, H. et al

NEA, with the support and guidance of critical oversight partner Newcastle University, designed and delivered a social evaluation of the Health and Innovation Programme (HIP). HIP was a £26.2 million programme to bring affordable warmth to fuel poor and vulnerable households in England, Scotland...Read more

Robinson, C., Bouzarovski, S., Lindley, S.

Recognition of the negative impacts of fuel poverty, a lack of sufficient energy services in the home, has generated considerable interest in how the phenomenon can best be measured. Subsequently, the most well-known indicators deployed in policy-making, the established 10% indicator and the...Read more

Palma, P., Gouveia, J.P., Simoes, S. G.

An aging building stock and low-efficiency heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems may be preventing the adequate energy performance (EP) of Portuguese dwellings. This study aims to estimate and analyze the EP gap of the occupied main residence Portuguese residential dwelling...Read more

Barrella, R., Priego, I., Linares, J.I., ,Arenas, E., Romero, J.C. and Centeno, E.

Energy poverty can be defined as the inability to pay the bills that are required for maintaining the comfort conditions (usually in winter) in dwellings. The use of energy efficient systems is one way forward to mitigate this problem, with one option being the electrically driven air source...Read more

Hossain, K.

This paper examines the impact that the new local authority performance framework, and in particular the NI187 performance indicator, is having on action to tackle fuel poverty at the local level. The 2001 Fuel Poverty Strategy made a commitment to eliminate fuel poverty in vulnerable households...Read more