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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Brunner, K.-M., Spitzer, M., and Christanell, A.

The NELA project examines energy consumption in poor households and develops data-based measures on energy efficiency and energy saving. Qualitative methods investigate energy consumption in its multiple manifestations, the underlying motives for action, the driving factors and causes. In...Read more

Lahaye W., Bartiaux F., and Sibeni A.

This chapter presents some results of a qualitative research on the practices, representations and experiences of persons living in energy poverty in one area of Belgium. A bottum-up approach is used with interviews with such persons. Results show the difficulties experienced by these persons,...Read more

Murafa, C., Sinea, A., Jiglau, G. and Badescu, G.

Energy poverty, understood as an issue of accessibility of energy resources, as well as the defective access to modern means of ensuring comfort in dwellings, is a widespread phenomenon in the European Union, the post-Communist space being particularly affected by it. In Romania, the phenomenon...Read more

Dubois, U.

This article dives into the topic of energy poverty in urban areas in France. Because this type of energy poverty can take different forms, it is difficult to evaluate using indicators and it has long been underestimated. Initially excluded from renovation programmes for households, the urban...Read more

Verhaert, I.

This article considers the need to develop a sustainable transition in the energy supply and analyses the social consequences that such a transition can have. In particular it looks at the adverse effects it could have on socioeconomically vulnerable groups.Read more

Dr Jamie-Leigh Ruse

SMART‐UP is a cross‐European research project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 grant fund. Running from March 2015 to July 2018, it took place in five European countries and was delivered through a consortium of five partner organisations: Alpheeis in France, Aisfor in Italy,...Read more

Swora, M., Skoczylas, A.

The article refers to the energy allowance, which is granted by the territorial self-government units. The authors first analyse the issues regarding the positioning of the protection of the vulnerable consumer in the provisions of the EU directives, to then move on to the detailed...Read more

Hiteva, R.

The European Union (EU) and member states alike are following a tradition of addressing fuel poverty and vulnerability at the point of purchase by final consumers by seeking to influence the impact of income, energy price and the built environment on the ability of household consumers to access...Read more