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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Vulnerable Consumer Working Group of the European Commission

EU legislation for energy retail markets is aimed at supporting all customers, but in particular consumers in vulnerable circumstances. This report, summarising the views of the Vulnerable Consumer Working Group (VCWG), focuses on Member State obligations for vulnerable customers as defined in...Read more

Simcock, N.; Thomson, H.; Bouzarovski, S.; Petrova, S. (eds.)

Energy Poverty and Vulnerability provides novel and critical perspectives on the drivers and consequences of energy-related injustices in the home. Drawing together original research conducted by leading experts, the book offers fresh and innovative insights into the ways in which hitherto...Read more

Tirado Herrero., S., Jiménez Meneses, L., López Fernández, J.L., Perero Van Hove, E., Irigoyen Hidalgo, V.M., Savary, P.

Energy poverty is understood as the result of a broader and less strictly defined condition referred to as energy vulnerability that is described as the propensity of a household to suffer from a lack of adequate energy services in the home. This new approach explains energy poverty as a dynamic...Read more

Dubois, U.

This article dives into the topic of energy poverty in urban areas in France. Because this type of energy poverty can take different forms, it is difficult to evaluate using indicators and it has long been underestimated. Initially excluded from renovation programmes for households, the urban...Read more

Consumers, Health, Agriculture and Food Executive Agency

The study examines the incidence of vulnerability across the EU28 and Iceland and Norway, and the factors explaining any observed vulnerability. The study uses a range of information sources (literature review, stakeholder interviews, consumer survey and consumer experiments in five countries)...Read more

National Energy Action (NEA)

This research investigated the relationship between fuel poverty and carbon monoxide (CO) risk in households on low incomes and in vulnerable situations. Over the course of two heating seasons (October to April) in 2015/16 and 2016/17 NEA collected data from 349 households, targeting those on...Read more

Cauvain, J., and Bouzarovski, S.

Housing in Multiple Occupancy (HMO) includes some of the UK’s worst housing stock. The tenants typically have reduced housing and social security rights, as well as reduced control and sometimes absence of basic domestic energy services. Yet, HMO is largely absent from UK policies governing...Read more