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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Jenkins, D., et al

This socio-technical pilot involved qualitative interviews with social housing tenants, combined with basic energy modelling of the individual dwellings to estimate the carbon emissions of that house. The study aimed to investigate the relationship between fuel poverty and carbon-saving...Read more

Robinson, J.

Community action’ is seen by some as the panacea of social and environmental behaviour change. Our aim was to support small housing associations in implementing fuel poverty projects and report on the opportunities this may offer. What we found is that most just aren’t ready!Read more

Vanhille, J., Verbist, G., and Goedemé, T.

The article addresses the need to develop effective energetic renovation measures that reach out to all social groups. It focuses in particular on three housing contexts where families with low income are likely to encounter barriers in the access to energy renovation: social rental sector,...Read more

Großmann, K.; Bierwirth, A.; Bartke, S.; Jensen, Th.; Kabisch, S.; v. Malottki, C.; Mayer, I.; Rügamer, J.

The energy renovation of residential buildings is being promoted in many cities. What makes sense in terms of energy efficiency can lead to a crowding out of the old-established residents due to rising rental costs. In order for energy renovation not to contribute to increasing social...Read more