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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

João Pedro Gouveia; Júlia Seixas

Improvements of energy efficiency and reduction of Electricity Consumption (EC) could be pushed by increased knowledge on consumption profiles. This paper contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the EC profiles in a Southwest European city through the combination of high-resolution data...Read more

João Pedro Gouveia; Júlia Seixas; Ana Mestre

Daily electricity consumption profiles from smart meters are explored as proxies of active behavior regarding space heating and cooling. The influence of the environment air temperature (multiple maximum and minimum daily thresholds) on electricity consumption was explored for a final sample of...Read more

Verhaert, I.

This article considers the need to develop a sustainable transition in the energy supply and analyses the social consequences that such a transition can have. In particular it looks at the adverse effects it could have on socioeconomically vulnerable groups.Read more

Vulnerable Consumer Working Group of the European Commission

EU legislation for energy retail markets is aimed at supporting all customers, but in particular consumers in vulnerable circumstances. This report, summarising the views of the Vulnerable Consumer Working Group (VCWG), focuses on Member State obligations for vulnerable customers as defined in...Read more

Simshauser, P., Nelson, T. and Doan, T.

An analysis suggests that incremental GST collections from electricity accounts are more than adequate to eliminate fuel poverty. This could facilitate access to efficient electric appliances and in-home displays for fuel-poor households. The widespread shift to smart meters and time-of-use...Read more

Gouveia, J.P., Seixas, J., Long, G.

Fuel poverty is a recognized and increasing problem in several European countries. A growing body of literature covers this topic, but dedicated analysis for Portugal are scarce despite the high perception of this condition. This paper contributes to fill this knowledge gap focusing on a...Read more

Preston, I., et al.

eaga Charitable Trust appointed the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) and the Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE) to examine how the costs and benefits of the UK’s renewable energy policies may distribute amongst the domestic sector.Read more