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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Walker, Ryan; Liddell, Christine; McKenzie, Paul; Morris, Chris

Recent audits have shown that anti-fuel poverty policies in the UK depend on loosely defined targeting and cannot accurately identify fuel poor households. New methods of targeting are necessary to improve fuel poverty policy. This paper uses Geographic Information System (GIS) techniques to...Read more

Walker, R., McKenzie, P., Liddell, C. and Morris, C.

Government authorities in the UK have implemented a number of anti-fuel poverty policies, given the known adverse health effects associated with cold homes. To date, the targeting of policies has been poor, as those in greatest need cannot be identified easily. Area-based platforms have...Read more

Özcan, K., Gülay, E., and Üçdoğruk, Ş.

This paper analyzes several economic and socio-demographic factors which affect households' energy choices in Turkey. The data is obtained from the Household Budget Surveys (HBS) conducted by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TÜİK). The multinomial logit model is used to identify households'...Read more

Lawlor, D.A., Maxwell, R. and Wheeler, B.W.

It has been suggested that rural areas in Britain are at increased risk of excess winter mortality and that government action should be targeted at these areas. A range of features—poor quality housing, high proportion of detached houses, lack of access to gas networks, and low take up of...Read more

Roberts, D., Vera-Toscano, E. and Phimister, E.

Fuel poverty is a significant policy issue. An argument often made is that rural households are more likely to be fuel poor due to the nature of rural housing stock and the more limited choice of energy sources in rural areas. This paper uses panel data to compare the level and dynamics of fuel...Read more

Katsoulakos, N.

An increasing number of people find it difficult or even impossible to ensure adequate coverage of their energy needs. This situation, defined as energy poverty, is one of the results of the global energy crisis. Mountainous areas are especially vulnerable to energy poverty because their thermal...Read more

Shortt, N. and Rugkåsa, J.

This article reports the findings from an evaluation of a fuel poverty programme in the Armagh and Dungannon Health Action Zone in Northern Ireland. Focusing on a rural community, it adds to the debate surrounding the hidden nature of rural fuel poverty. As part of the programme, energy...Read more