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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Lahaye W., Bartiaux F., and Sibeni A.

This chapter presents some results of a qualitative research on the practices, representations and experiences of persons living in energy poverty in one area of Belgium. A bottum-up approach is used with interviews with such persons. Results show the difficulties experienced by these persons,...Read more

Barnes, M., Butt, S. and Tomaszewski, W.

Bad housing can take many forms, embracing issues such as the physical conditions of the accommodation and overcrowding. Whilst the presence of a link between bad housing and child outcomes has been acknowledged in a number of studies, relatively little is understood about the nature of this...Read more

Howieson, S.G., et al.

This paper is concerned with historical changes in domestic ventilation rates, relative humidity and the associated risk of house dust mite colonization. A controlled trial evaluated allergen and water vapour control measures on the level of house dust mite (HDM) Der p1 allergen and indoor...Read more

Liddell, C., Morris, C., Thomson, H., and Guiney, C.

This article reviews historical data on cold-related deaths in Europe (1980–2013). It outlines the classic ‘excess winter deaths’ methodology used to estimate cold-related mortality and explores the inaccuracies that are associated with this generic estimation method: it yields relatively...Read more