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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Mazet, P.

The aim of this study was to identify the actors in the non-profit associative sector involved in helping the most disadvantaged segments of the population. This served to gather data that could be used to facilitate universal access to energy and to implement effective preventive actions to...Read more

Martiskainen, M., Heiskanen, E. and Speciale, G.

Community action has an increasingly prominent role in the debates surrounding transitions to sustainability. Initiatives such as community energy projects, community gardens, local food networks and car sharing clubs provide new spaces for sustainable consumption, and combinations of...Read more

Tirado Herrero., S. López Fernández, J.L., Martín García, P.

In Spain, apart from the work carried out by Ecoserveis in the European fuel Poverty and Energy Efficiency (EPEE, 2009) project, there is no estimation on the extent of energy poverty or the socio-economic categories of affected households. Even though it is clear that a part of the Spanish...Read more

März, S.

Tackling fuel poverty has become an increasingly important issue on many European countries ’ political agendas. Consequently, national governments, local authorities and NGOs have established policies and programmes to reduce the fuel poverty vulnerability of households. However, evaluations...Read more