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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Pereira, M.P., Melo, S., Guedes, V., Silva, N.F. and Freitas, M.A.V.
The document presents considerations about small wind technology under context of low carbon technology in Brazil, niches and benefits potential for community. In addition are discussed the nexus between energy potential and development Human index per municipality, besides proposal of regulation...Read more
Chatzikonstantinou, E., Vatavali, F.

A crucial aspect of the socio-spatial transformation of Athens and a significant factor in the rise of new urban challenges and conflicts since the outbreak of the Greek debt crisis in 2010 is the domestic use of energy. Austerity measures implemented as part of the adjustment mechanism...Read more

Vatavali, F., Chatzikonstantinou, E.

The analysis was based on the production of thematic maps providing the opportunity to draw general and specific conclusions regarding socio-spatial aspects of energy deprivation in Athens during the crisis. This analysis intends to create a first macroscopic image of the socio-spatial...Read more

Palma, P.

This study aims to assess the state of thermal comfort in residential dwellings, of all Portuguese civil parishes, according to the most recent administrative organization of the territory and the Residential Buildings Energy Performance Regulation (REH). A bottom-up buildings’ typology approach...Read more

Gouveia, J.P., Palma, P. and Simoes, S.G.

Energy poverty is a growing societal challenge that puts the welfare of many European citizens at risk. Several different indicators have been developed with the objective of assessing this phenomenon. The aim of this work is to develop a novel high-resolution spatial scale...Read more