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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Washan, P., Stenning, J., and Goodman, M.

This landmark report by Cambridge Econometrics and Verco sets out the macro and fiscal impacts of implementing the Energy Bill Revolution programme. It concludes that deep energy efficiency retrofits are affordable and would represent high value for money as a national infrastructure investment...Read more

Mastropietro, P., Rodilla, P., Batlle, C.,

The Covid-19 outbreak that spread worldwide at the beginning of 2020 exacerbated energy poverty issues. Several countries tried to contain the epidemic through confinement measures that require people to stay home. This measure had a two-fold effect: i) the energy needs of residential consumers...Read more

Bartiaux F., Servais O., De Menten T., and Frogneux N.

This paper sketches the framework of policies dealing, often indirectly, with energy poverty in Belgium and originating in social laws, a federal competence. As most competences related to energy are dealt with at the Regional level, this paper is mainly focused on Wallonia, the Southern and...Read more

Boemi, S., Panaras, G., Papadopoulos, A.

Investigation of energy poverty and its effect in Central Makedonia, in northern Greece, where the climate is harsher and heating requirements significantly higher than in the other parts of the country. A questionnaire aiming to assess energy poverty in low income urban areas was used. The...Read more

Bhattacharya, J., DeLeire, T., Haider, S. and Currie, J.

The study sought to determine the effects of cold-weather periods on budgets and nutritional outcomes among poor American families. Both poor and richer families increased fuel expenditures in response to unusually cold weather. Poor families reduced food expenditures by roughly the same amount...Read more