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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

This consultation document sets out several proposals to update the 2015 fuel poverty strategy for England. Key proposals include: • Metric: Update the way in which fuel poverty is measured to better track progress against the statutory fuel poverty target for England. The proposal is to broaden...Read more

Mould, R., & Baker, K.J.

Internationally, previous studies have investigated the impact of socio-economic and physical dwelling factors on household electricity consumption however, to date, few such studies have been conducted in the UK. Jones et al. (2015) identify six studies that have accessed actual (as opposed to...Read more

Brunner, K.-M., Spitzer, M., and Christanell, A.

The NELA project examines energy consumption in poor households and develops data-based measures on energy efficiency and energy saving. Qualitative methods investigate energy consumption in its multiple manifestations, the underlying motives for action, the driving factors and causes. In...Read more

Hales, S., Blakely, T., Foster, R.H., Baker, M.G. and Howden-Chapman, P.

There was an increased risk of dying in winter for most New Zealanders, but more so among low-income people, those living in rented accommodation and those living in cities. Exact causal mechanisms are not known but possibly include correlated poorer health status, low indoor temperatures and...Read more

National Energy Action (NEA)

This research investigated the relationship between fuel poverty and carbon monoxide (CO) risk in households on low incomes and in vulnerable situations. Over the course of two heating seasons (October to April) in 2015/16 and 2016/17 NEA collected data from 349 households, targeting those on...Read more

May, X.

This study aims to better understand the topic of energy poverty in Belgium. Indeed, following the increase in energy prices over the past few years, more and more households are faced with difficulties to heat their homes and pay their energy bills. This is particularly the case for the elderly...Read more

Lawlor, D.A., Maxwell, R. and Wheeler, B.W.

It has been suggested that rural areas in Britain are at increased risk of excess winter mortality and that government action should be targeted at these areas. A range of features—poor quality housing, high proportion of detached houses, lack of access to gas networks, and low take up of...Read more