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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Morrison, C., and Shortt, N.

Fuel poverty describes a complex interaction between households with low income and energy inefficiency. The Scottish Executive has charged local Scottish authorities with the task of eradicating fuel poverty by 2016. In order to direct investment and tackle fuel poverty, a local authority must...Read more

Gilbertson, J., et al

Over the past decade the Warm Front Scheme has been the English Government's principal programme for improving domestic energy efficiency and reducing fuel poverty. This paper reports on a cross-sectional survey of low income householders participating in the Warm Front Scheme in five urban...Read more

Harrington, B.E, Heyman, B., Merleau-Ponty, N., Stockton, H., Ritchie, N. and Heyman, A.

This paper presents findings from the qualitative arm of the Warm Homes Project, a programme of research concerned with the nature of fuel poverty, its alleviation and its relationship to family health. Much of the research into fuel poverty, which results from various combinations of low income...Read more

Healy, J.D. and Clinch, J.P.

Fuel poverty has generally been calculated by quantifying the number of households spending in excess of 10% of income on home heating. This definition has a number of significant practical and scientific limitations. This paper employs self-reported data to calculate the severity of fuel...Read more

Howden-Chapman, P., Crane, J., Matheson, A., Viggers, H., Cunningham, M., Blakely, T., O'Dea, D., Cunningham, C., Woodward, A., Saville-Smith, K., Baker, M. and Waipara, N.

This paper describes the purpose and methods of a single-blinded, clustered and randomised trial of the health impacts of insulating existing houses. The key research question was whether this intervention increased the indoor temperature and lowered the relative humidity, energy consumption and...Read more

O'Sullivan et al.

Prepayment metering is an electricity payment method often used by low-income consumers. Fuel poverty is an important public health problem in New Zealand, and is likely to be a particular problem for those using prepayment metering. This paper details a nationwide postal survey of consumers...Read more

Snell, C., Bevan, M., and Thomson, H.

This paper considers the relationship between fuel poverty, disabled people, and policy changes in England, drawing on concepts of justice to deconstruct and explain empirical findings. Drawing on statistical analyses of the English Housing Survey, the paper presents three key findings. Firstly...Read more