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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Panas E.

This publication utilises subjective indicators in order to calculate energy poverty in a sample of 814 households in Greece. According to the results of the analysis, 30.2% of the households surveyed find it difficult to pay the bill for heating their home, while for 62.4% of the households...Read more

Lloyd, B.

The concept of fuel poverty emanated from grass roots environmental health movements in the United Kingdom and Ireland in the early 1980s. In recent years it has been taken on board by the British government in as much as they have committed to eradicate it by the middle of this decade. A...Read more

Langevin, J., Gurian, P.L., and Wen, J.

Low-income housing constitutes an important but often overlooked area for energy use reductions within the US residential sector. Given the scarcity of existing information on this subject, this study uses a semi-structured interview format to explore the key behavioral tendencies, energy...Read more

Maiden, T., Baker, K.J., & Faulk, F.

As the advocate for Scottish energy consumers, the Consumer Futures Unit (CFU) commissioned independent research to review the government and energy supplier funded energy efficiency and fuel poverty schemes that have been, and are being, delivered within Scotland. The research was commissioned...Read more

Norwich City Council and National Energy Action

Recent research and political debate have demonstrated that there is concern regarding the eligibility criteria for winter fuel payments and the lack of restrictions on how the money can be spent by recipients. The warm for life pilot project was developed by Norwich City Council and National...Read more