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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

O'Neill, T., Jinks, C. and Squire, A.

Fuel poverty is estimated to affect millions of people in the UK, and older people are especially vulnerable. Most research into fuel poverty has drawn upon quantitative paradigms. The aim of this study, therefore, was to investigate the perceptions and experiences of older women in relation to...Read more

Middlemiss, L.and Gillard, R.

Recent quantitative and qualitative evidence documents a dramatic reduction in average direct UK household energy consumption in the last decade. The ‘fuel poverty gap’ in the UK (average shortfall that fuel poor households experience in affording their energy bills) has also grown substantially...Read more

Illsley, B., Jackson, T., and Lynch, B.

Tackling fuel poverty is central to the delivery of the Scottish Executive’s commitment to social justice. Many Scottish rural households are not linked into the mains gas network and rely on expensive alternatives, despite being surrounded by plentiful supplies of low-cost renewable wood...Read more

Vanhille, J., Verbist, G., and Goedemé, T.

The article addresses the need to develop effective energetic renovation measures that reach out to all social groups. It focuses in particular on three housing contexts where families with low income are likely to encounter barriers in the access to energy renovation: social rental sector,...Read more

Bonnard S, C. Bruynoghe, M. Deprez et B. Kestemont

The recent crisis highlighted the need for a new paradigm able to reinforce growth taking into account climate, environmental and well-being considerations. Indeed, the pressure from energy costs is becoming a major concern for an increasing share of the population. In this report, the impact of...Read more