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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Risch, A. and Salmon, C.

In this paper, we explore patterns of French household energy consumption using the 2006 Enquête Logement, a disaggregate household level survey data set. Information on the physical characteristics of residential buildings and household socio-demographics is particularly rich. The residential...Read more

Booth, A.T., and Choudhary, R.

In order to reduce carbon emissions and alleviate fuel poverty, the UK Government has outlined proposals for a “Green Deal” to help provide financing for the installation of cost-effective retrofit measures to the existing UK housing stock. However, the Green Deal proposals have the potential to...Read more

Maidment, Christopher D.; Jones, Christopher R.; Webb, Thomas L.; Hathway, E. Abigail; Gilbertson, Jan M.

It is widely accepted that interventions designed to promote household energy efficiency, like insulation, central heating and double glazing, can help to reduce cold-related illnesses and associated stress by making it easier for residents to keep their homes warm. However, these interventions...Read more

Gouveia, J.P., Palma, P.

The reduction of energy consumption and the increase in energy efficiency is currently an important cornerstone of EU policy. Energy performance certificates (EPCs) were implemented as one of the tools to promote this agenda, and are used for the energy performance assessment of buildings. In...Read more

Vasconcelos, J., Freire, E., Morais, J., Machado, J.R., and Santana, P.

On summer and winter months, cardiovascular morbidity and mortality rates vary throughout Europe. For example, areas with mild winters seem to be the ones with higher number of seasonal mortality. In fact, Portugal is one of the southern countries together with Ireland that have higher mortality...Read more

Evans, J., Hyndman, S., Stewart-Brown, S., Smith, D. and Petersen, S.

This study shows that being unable to keep the home warm enough in winter is more strongly associated with health outcomes than is damp housing. However, as cold and damp housing are closely related, it is likely that their combined effects are shown in these results. The importance of worry as...Read more