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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Frerk, M. and MacLean, K.

NEA commissioned this report as, although there are some real challenges and tensions to be addressed, we believe that it is possible to tackle both decarbonisation of energy and fuel poverty. Through better focusing of energy efficiency programmes and other support to low-income households, we...Read more

Walker, G. and Day, R.

Bringing attention to fuel poverty as a distinct manifestation of social inequality has asserted the place of affordable warmth in the profile of contemporary rights and entitlements. As such, fuel poverty can be understood as an expression of injustice, involving the compromised ability to...Read more

Walker, G., Simcock, N. and Day, R.

Access to affordable energy is a core dimension of energy justice, with recent work examining the relation between energy use and well-being in these terms. However, there has been relatively little examination of exactly which energy uses should be considered basic necessities within a given...Read more

Frogneux N., Luyckx, C., and Bartiaux F.

Energy poverty has been conceptualized as an environmental injustice by Walker and Day (2012). This paper is an extension of this approach and situated it in a critical way inside Amartya Sen’s work on capabilities (1999, 2009). We show on the one hand how Sen’s idea of justice, which is based...Read more