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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Schumacher, K. et al

Policymaking to alleviate energy poverty needs to find a balance between short-term remedies and the resolution of long-term drivers of energy poverty. EU policy might need to work towards a) finding a definition of energy poverty; b) supporting national policies financially through EU...Read more

Großmann, K.; Bierwirth, A.; Bartke, S.; Jensen, Th.; Kabisch, S.; v. Malottki, C.; Mayer, I.; Rügamer, J.

The energy renovation of residential buildings is being promoted in many cities. What makes sense in terms of energy efficiency can lead to a crowding out of the old-established residents due to rising rental costs. In order for energy renovation not to contribute to increasing social...Read more

Rugkåsa, J., Shortt, N., and Boydell L.

Through ADHAZ’s Housing Programme, the “Home is where the heat is” partners sought to identify and address some of the issues resulting from fuel poverty and affecting health and quality of life. The aim was to tackle fuel poverty through improving energy efficiency of houses and to increase...Read more

Tirado-Herrero, S., Ürge-Vorsatz, Petrichenko, K.

Fuel (or energy) poverty is understood as a situation in which a household is unable to afford an adequate amount of domestic energy services and/or is forced to pay a disproportionate share of its income on domestic energy. Taking Hungary as a representative case study, the paper first presents...Read more

Gouveia, J.P., Palma, P.

The reduction of energy consumption and the increase in energy efficiency is currently an important cornerstone of EU policy. Energy performance certificates (EPCs) were implemented as one of the tools to promote this agenda, and are used for the energy performance assessment of buildings. In...Read more

Baker, W.

This report describes work undertaken by the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE) and Bristol University to develop a methodology for predicting fuel poverty at small area level. The project was funded by SWEB, the main electricity supplier in South West England, to fulfil two aims. First, SWEB...Read more

Norwich City Council and National Energy Action

Recent research and political debate have demonstrated that there is concern regarding the eligibility criteria for winter fuel payments and the lack of restrictions on how the money can be spent by recipients. The warm for life pilot project was developed by Norwich City Council and National...Read more

Tirado Herrero., S., Jiménez Meneses, L., López Fernández, J.L., Perero Van Hove, E., Irigoyen Hidalgo, V.M., Savary, P.

Energy poverty is understood as the result of a broader and less strictly defined condition referred to as energy vulnerability that is described as the propensity of a household to suffer from a lack of adequate energy services in the home. This new approach explains energy poverty as a dynamic...Read more