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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Martín-Consuegra, F., de Frutos, F., Oteiza, I., Hernández Aja, A.

The development of precision tools to assess the potential for improving energy efficiency in the urban fabric is a priority. This study proposes a method for calculating energy loss across building envelopes based on the exploitation of cadastral data with open source IT tools....Read more

Dr Jamie-Leigh Ruse

SMART‐UP is a cross‐European research project funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 grant fund. Running from March 2015 to July 2018, it took place in five European countries and was delivered through a consortium of five partner organisations: Alpheeis in France, Aisfor in Italy,...Read more

Buildings Performance Institute (BPIE)

This report finds that a variety of already successful building renovation approaches could inspire the future development of renovation policies to deliver deep CO2 savings and cut energy wastage. The study describes five replicable schemes from different European Member States and highlights...Read more

Eichhammer, W., Fleiter, T., Schlomann, B., Faberi, S., Fioretto, M., Piccioni, N., Lechtenböhmer, S., Schüring, A., Resch, G., Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research isi

The main focus of this report is to prepare the analytic basis for an in-depth discussion of economic energy efficiency potentials in the different energy-end uses.Read more