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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Langevin, J., Gurian, P.L., and Wen, J.

Low-income housing constitutes an important but often overlooked area for energy use reductions within the US residential sector. Given the scarcity of existing information on this subject, this study uses a semi-structured interview format to explore the key behavioral tendencies, energy...Read more

Parés, Neus; Enciso, Jaume; Brotons, Jordi

The report aims to explore the evolution of the level of consumption and the impact of energy poverty on a population that uses the social services of the municipality of Sabadell.Read more

Santamouris M.

The present paper discusses issues related to the three major problems of the built environment in Europe and in particular, the energy consumption of buildings, the energy poverty and the local climate change. The article introduces the idea of a zero concept world where the global impact of...Read more

Grimes, A., et al

We analyse the impacts on monthly metered electricity and reticulated gas use of the houses retrofitted with insulation or clean heat source under the New Zealand Insulation Fund (NZIF) programme, titled "Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart" (WUNZ:HS). Our study covers the period from the scheme"s...Read more

Mould, R., Baker, K.J., & Emmanuel, R.

The fuel poor are those households that must spend more than 10% of their income to sustain a reasonable heating regime. The measures for fuel poverty in Scotland depend on a fuel spend for modelled energy use patterns, while England and Wales have adopted a relative measure of population...Read more

Nässén, J. and Holmberg, J.

Doubts have recurrently been raised on the extent to which energy efficiency can reduce the demand for energy. Improvements in efficiency may cause so-called rebound effects by reducing the prices of energy services as well as by increasing the budget for consumption of other goods and services...Read more