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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

O'Sullivan et al.

Prepayment metering is an electricity payment method often used by low-income consumers. Fuel poverty is an important public health problem in New Zealand, and is likely to be a particular problem for those using prepayment metering. This paper details a nationwide postal survey of consumers...Read more

O'Sullivan, K., Howden-Chapman, P. and Fougere, G.

Fuel poverty, or inability to afford adequate heating for a reasonable outlay of expenditure, is a significant and under-researched problem in New Zealand. The connection between fuel poverty, and electricity disconnection or ‘self-disconnection’ is analysed for four cities using prepayment...Read more

Doble, M

There has been considerable concern about the degree of hardship undergone by pre-payment meter (PPM) users who experience gas stoppages due to self-disconnection. In the context of competition in energy supply markets fuel poverty has risen up the political agenda to the extent that the energy...Read more

Dobbins, A. et al.

Energy is central to driving not only productivity in the broader economy, but has a fundamental role for enabling minimum living standards in the residential sector through the energy services provided. These energy services are crucial to ensure warm homes, provide water...Read more

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie

This document is the response from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to a list of questions on energy poverty from members of parliament. It explains the government's position on how to measure and tackle energy poverty. It discusses the impacts of energy disconnections and...Read more

Deutsche Caritasverband

The problem of energy poverty is current and urgent, because energy prices have been rising continuously for many years. As of January 1, 2013, many electricity suppliers have implemented price increases by an average of twelve percent. However, energy poverty does not have just one cause, but...Read more

Mastropietro, P., Rodilla, P., Batlle, C.,

The Covid-19 outbreak that spread worldwide at the beginning of 2020 exacerbated energy poverty issues. Several countries tried to contain the epidemic through confinement measures that require people to stay home. This measure had a two-fold effect: i) the energy needs of residential consumers...Read more