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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Rugkåsa, J., Shortt, N., and Boydell L.

Through ADHAZ’s Housing Programme, the “Home is where the heat is” partners sought to identify and address some of the issues resulting from fuel poverty and affecting health and quality of life. The aim was to tackle fuel poverty through improving energy efficiency of houses and to increase...Read more

Robinson, J.

Community action’ is seen by some as the panacea of social and environmental behaviour change. Our aim was to support small housing associations in implementing fuel poverty projects and report on the opportunities this may offer. What we found is that most just aren’t ready!Read more

Chapman, R., Howden-Chapman, P., Viggers, H., O'Dea, D. and Kennedy, M.

Housing is an important environmental influence on population health, and there is growing evidence of health effects from indoor environment characteristics such as low indoor temperatures. However, there is relatively little research, and thus little firm guidance, on the cost-effectiveness of...Read more

Scott, F.L., Jones, C.R., and Webb, T.L.

While physical interventions such as external wall cladding can improve the energy efficiency of domestic properties, how residents think about and respond to such interventions can influence both their uptake and impact on the household’s energy use. The present research investigated what...Read more

Martiskainen, M., Heiskanen, E. and Speciale, G.

Community action has an increasingly prominent role in the debates surrounding transitions to sustainability. Initiatives such as community energy projects, community gardens, local food networks and car sharing clubs provide new spaces for sustainable consumption, and combinations of...Read more

KEMA Consulting

The overall objective of this report is to provide an overview of natural gas pricing issues (distribution and retail) in the EC member states and compare them with the European best practice. It analyses tariff levels, tariff and quality regulations and specific treatments for vulnerable...Read more