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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Ecoserveis Association

The Atlas of Initiatives of Energy Poverty in Europe , prepared by the Ecoserveis Association , is the product of an exhaustive review of the practices carried out around Europe at the end of 2016. The document comprises 65...Read more

SAVES2 Project

The paper concludes that a significant share of students experience fuel poverty and sophisticated social intervention and social innovation should be adopted to address this. Understanding the contextual situation of privately rented accommodation in the seven SAVES 2 countries can enable the...Read more

Murafa, C., Sinea, A., Jiglau, G. and Badescu, G.

Energy poverty, understood as an issue of accessibility of energy resources, as well as the defective access to modern means of ensuring comfort in dwellings, is a widespread phenomenon in the European Union, the post-Communist space being particularly affected by it. In Romania, the phenomenon...Read more

Ruggeri Laderchi, C., Olivier, A., and Trimble, C.

The cost of energy in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, as elsewhere, is an important policy issue, as shown by the concerns for energy affordability during the past harsh winter. Governments try to moderate the burden of energy expenditures that is experienced by households through subsidies to...Read more

Poputoaia, D., and Bouzarovski, S.

The purpose of this paper is to explore the legal aspects of post-communist district heating (DH) reforms in Romania, with the aim of identifying some of the governance challenges faced by state authorities in managing the sector. In broader terms, we seek to explore the extent to which the...Read more