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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Deller, D. and Waddams, C.

This paper provides a review of a representative selection of papers from the literatures looking at policies to tackle fuel poverty and digital exclusion. Contrasts are drawn between the policies used to address each of these problems. For fuel poverty, evidence is reviewed regarding the...Read more

Maidment, Christopher D.; Jones, Christopher R.; Webb, Thomas L.; Hathway, E. Abigail; Gilbertson, Jan M.

It is widely accepted that interventions designed to promote household energy efficiency, like insulation, central heating and double glazing, can help to reduce cold-related illnesses and associated stress by making it easier for residents to keep their homes warm. However, these interventions...Read more

Tanner, L.M., et al.

This review identified socioeconomic, housing and behavioural factors associated with a range of cold weather-related adverse health or social outcomes. Only tentative conclusions can be drawn due to the limitations of existing research. More robust studies are needed to address the...Read more

Åströma, D.O., Fosberg, B. and Rocklöv, J.

With a rapidly growing number of publications on this subject the objective was to review the recent literature for research regarding the impact of heat waves and elevated temperature on the elderly with regards to mortality and morbidity. Six studies of temperature-morbidity-relationship were...Read more