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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Ecoserveis Association

The Atlas of Initiatives of Energy Poverty in Europe , prepared by the Ecoserveis Association , is the product of an exhaustive review of the practices carried out around Europe at the end of 2016. The document comprises 65...Read more

Berger, T.

This publication gives an overview of the process how energy poverty was defined in Austria and the situation and discussions regarding energy poverty in Austria. The effects of different policies (such as liberalisation) and technologies (such as the pre-payment meter) on energy poverty is...Read more

Deller, D. and Waddams, C.

This report summarises the existing literature on policies used to tackle affordability pressures in the energy, water, telecoms and transport sectors within the EU. Both EU level and policies within individual member states are considered. The paper highlights the wide variation in the...Read more

Waddams, C. and Deller, D.

This report surveys the affordability of energy, water, telecoms and transport services across the EU. It maps the share of household expenditure devoted to these different utilities across member states, looks at the ways to assess affordability in different sectors and reviews the literature...Read more

Brunner, K.-M., Spitzer, M., and Christanell, A.

The NELA project examines energy consumption in poor households and develops data-based measures on energy efficiency and energy saving. Qualitative methods investigate energy consumption in its multiple manifestations, the underlying motives for action, the driving factors and causes. In...Read more

KEMA Consulting

The overall objective of this report is to provide an overview of natural gas pricing issues (distribution and retail) in the EC member states and compare them with the European best practice. It analyses tariff levels, tariff and quality regulations and specific treatments for vulnerable...Read more