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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Palma, P.

This study aims to assess the state of thermal comfort in residential dwellings, of all Portuguese civil parishes, according to the most recent administrative organization of the territory and the Residential Buildings Energy Performance Regulation (REH). A bottom-up buildings’ typology approach...Read more

Berger, T.

This publication gives an overview of the process how energy poverty was defined in Austria and the situation and discussions regarding energy poverty in Austria. The effects of different policies (such as liberalisation) and technologies (such as the pre-payment meter) on energy poverty is...Read more

Formosa, A.

In 2014, about 25,276 Maltese families were registered as fuel poor and they were provided with an ‘energy benefit’ aimed at mitigating the effect of expenditure on water and electricity bills [1]. This financial assistance cost the taxpayers approximately €5 million per year [2]. In the light...Read more

Probert, L.

Research conducted in 2009 by Snell and Bradshaw found that there is a close link between fuel and water poverty, and that certain demographic and socio-economic characteristics increase the likelihood of a household being defined as both fuel and water poor. This research also found that there...Read more