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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Ecoserveis Association

The Atlas of Initiatives of Energy Poverty in Europe , prepared by the Ecoserveis Association , is the product of an exhaustive review of the practices carried out around Europe at the end of 2016. The document comprises 65...Read more

Großmann, K.; Schaffrin, A.; Smigiel, C. (eds.)

The energy transition and with it the rising electricity prices have brought the connection of energy and social inequality on the agenda. This anthology reflects the current state of energy poverty, energy policy and social inequality. It brings together contributions from research and practice...Read more

Simcock, N.; Thomson, H.; Bouzarovski, S.; Petrova, S. (eds.)

Energy Poverty and Vulnerability provides novel and critical perspectives on the drivers and consequences of energy-related injustices in the home. Drawing together original research conducted by leading experts, the book offers fresh and innovative insights into the ways in which hitherto...Read more

Bafoil, F., Fodor, F., and Le-Roux, D.

This publication compares energy poverty policies in five countries (the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Poland and Hungary) based on a survey. It notes that local and national authorities are poorly equipped to provide effective solutions.Read more

Kopatz, M.

Wind energy, solar power, hydropower: The energy transition leads to affordable prices in the long term. Until it has switched to renewable energy, it mainly affects low-income households. Because the conversion of nuclear power to alternative energy is expensive and that drives up the costs....Read more

Pereira, M.P., Freitas, M.A.V. and Silva, N.F.
Most developing countries include rural electrification programs in their efforts to improve social conditions. There are, however, several obstacles to the evaluation of such programs and therefore of their social, economic, environmental and energy impacts on the target population, particularly...Read more