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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Lewandowski, P. and Sałach, K.

The aim of the report is to present the scale and characteristics of energy poverty in Poland based on the latest available data. Energy poverty in 2016 affected 12.2% of Poland's population, or 4.6 million people (1.3 million households). Its rate has decreased in the last 5 years by 2.2...Read more

Szpor, A., and Lis, M.

Based on the evidence of the fuel poverty in Poland we describe the policy options for alleviation fuel poverty. The current policy instruments are inefficient, incoherent and focus only on the reduction of the severity of the problem. Going beyond the diagnosis we present the best practices...Read more

Swora, M., Skoczylas, A.

The article refers to the energy allowance, which is granted by the territorial self-government units. The authors first analyse the issues regarding the positioning of the protection of the vulnerable consumer in the provisions of the EU directives, to then move on to the detailed...Read more

European Economic and Social Committee

On 12 February 2013, the European Economic and Social Committee, acting under Rule 29(2) of its Rules of Procedure, decided to draw up an own-initiative opinion on For coordinated European measures to prevent and combat energy poverty (own-initiative opinion).Read more