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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie

This document is the response from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy to a list of questions on energy poverty from members of parliament. It explains the government's position on how to measure and tackle energy poverty. It discusses the impacts of energy disconnections and...Read more

Wirtschaftuniversität Wien

This study was commissioned by the ministry for work, social affairs, health and consumer protection. It carried out expert interviews and desk research to investigate options for the definition of energy poverty and suggested a new definition that has since been adopted by E-Control as the...Read more

Großmann, K.; Schaffrin, A.; Smigiel, C. (eds.)

The energy transition and with it the rising electricity prices have brought the connection of energy and social inequality on the agenda. This anthology reflects the current state of energy poverty, energy policy and social inequality. It brings together contributions from research and practice...Read more

Berger, T.

This publication gives an overview of the process how energy poverty was defined in Austria and the situation and discussions regarding energy poverty in Austria. The effects of different policies (such as liberalisation) and technologies (such as the pre-payment meter) on energy poverty is...Read more

Luschei, F., Bleckmann, L., and Schreiner, N.

This publication evaluates the reasons for energy poverty in Germany such as low income, low energy efficiency and a lack of information. It then carrier out an empirical analysis of the extent of energy poverty in Germany and the different causes. Finally, this analysis is used to evaluate...Read more

Aigeltinger, G.; Heindl, P.; Liessem, V.; Römer, D.; Schwengers, C.; Vogt, C.

This essay examines the consumption of electricity and the costs it incurs for households on social benefits in Germany. For this purpose, a dataset is evaluated with more than 22,000 households on social benefits. The results show that the household composition and the type of water heating...Read more

Großmann, K.; Bierwirth, A.; Bartke, S.; Jensen, Th.; Kabisch, S.; v. Malottki, C.; Mayer, I.; Rügamer, J.

The energy renovation of residential buildings is being promoted in many cities. What makes sense in terms of energy efficiency can lead to a crowding out of the old-established residents due to rising rental costs. In order for energy renovation not to contribute to increasing social...Read more