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This section contains scientific articles, reports and other documents related to energy poverty.

Lawlor, D.A., Maxwell, R. and Wheeler, B.W.

It has been suggested that rural areas in Britain are at increased risk of excess winter mortality and that government action should be targeted at these areas. A range of features—poor quality housing, high proportion of detached houses, lack of access to gas networks, and low take up of...Read more

Domah, P. and Pollitt, M.

In December 1990, the 12 regional electricity companies — responsible for the distribution and supply of electricity in England and Wales — were privatised. For the first few years following privatisation, real prices, profits and costs in the industry rose. Following two Price Control Reviews,...Read more

Clinch, J.P. and Healy, J.D.

The ‘cohesion’ countries of the European Union face intimidating challenges in meeting the greenhouse gas emissions targets set by the Luxembourg Agreement. It requires breaking the link between increasing gross domestic product per capita and rising energy consumption at an early stage in the...Read more

Doble, M

There has been considerable concern about the degree of hardship undergone by pre-payment meter (PPM) users who experience gas stoppages due to self-disconnection. In the context of competition in energy supply markets fuel poverty has risen up the political agenda to the extent that the energy...Read more