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Under One Roof: Health and housing sectors tackling fuel poverty and cold-related ill health together


Under One Roof was commissioned by Liverpool City Council and funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). It examines evidence and practices where health bodies have worked in partnership with fuel poverty alleviation schemes. It particularly aims to identify the type of evidence commissioners are requiring from scheme providers. It is aimed at two key audiences. Firstly, it is aimed at local programmes delivery organisations, for which the report demonstrates examples of best practice joint working. Secondly, it is aimed at national policy and programme funding organisations, for which the report highlights the current barriers to large-scale delivery of national policy aspirations.

This report complements a BEIS-funded toolkit that has been produced by Cornwall Council and Citizens Advice to help health services understand the drivers for taking action on cold homes and how they can support people to live well at home. This represents a practical manifestation - a ‘how to’ guide - of the recommendations and good practice examples highlighted within this report. The toolkit can be accessed by visiting the following link: