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Tackling fuel poverty at local & regional level: Opportunities to deliver action & policies to stimulate success


There has been little attempt to date to define how local and regional public bodies in England can contribute effectively to the national objective to eradicate fuel poverty. There is also no explicit requirement on local and regional bodies to contribute to this objective. As a result, beyond a few impressive pockets of ‘best practice’, only a limited contribution is being made. Yet local and regional bodies already have a wide range of powers and responsibilities and provide public services which are directly implicated in the delivery of effective solutions to fuel poverty. This study, commissioned by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), reviews these policy and service delivery domains to outline the significant potential for action at local and regional level to tackle fuel poverty. It develops policy proposals to stimulate local and regional bodies to improve their performance and thus realise much more of this potential. It also makes recommendations on actions that might be pursued, particularly by the Fuel Poverty Advisory Group (FPAG), to ensure these policy proposals are taken forward.