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Evaluating and improving energy efficiency grant leaflet information for older people in fuel poverty


In seeking to tackle fuel poverty the bulk of Scottish Government investment has been directed through two grant schemes offering energy efficiency measures – the Warm Deal grant and the Central Heating Programme. However only a low percentage of recipients of these grants were actually in fuel poverty. The purpose of this research is to investigate how successful the grant schemes’ leaflets are in portraying information to the target audience: older people in fuel poverty. Questionnaires were constructed and evaluations of grant leaflets, and a revised leaflet addressing identified grant take-up barriers, were collected from people over sixty who were likely to be fuel poor, and from people who work with or represent older people or who give out energy efficiency advice. When the data was analysed it was found there was a large margin of respondents who did not think the leaflets were clear on a number of important elements, particularly when it came to understanding that grant installations could help reduce fuel bills or how much they may have to pay. The revised leaflet however, with prominent placing of important messages and information addressing barriers, was found to be an improvement overall by both samples.