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Policies & Measures

This section contains information about policies and measures addressing energy poverty.

This measure requires natural gas DSOs to connect tens of thousands of vulnerable and fuel poor households to the gas grid. Under the scheme, natural gas DSOs usually meet the full upfront cost of extending the gas grid for those who are eligible. They recover this cost over a 40 year period...Read more

Target socioeconomic group
Target housing situation

Energy suppliers are obliged to monthly provide regional regulators with the tariffs applied. These tariffs are uploaded in a database enabling tariff comparison on the website of each regional regulator. The „dare to compare” campaign launched at federal level has provided visibility to these...Read more

The Flemish government provides grants for social insulation projects for rental apartments. The grants cover roof, wall and window insulation. The grants are facilitated by a project promotor that manages discussions between the tenants and the landlord, and submits the application to the...Read more