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Policies & Measures

This section contains information about policies and measures addressing energy poverty.

This measure implements a bonus for the electricity bill for vulnerable households and also protects severely vulnerable households from disconnection. The recently approved Royal Decree 897/2017 substitutes the previous social tariff started in 2009 and sets new eligibility criteria.Read more

This measure provides financial assistance to households to pay their energy bills through a social tariff. Since 2016, it is automatically awarded to households receiving certain social benefits and to low income households. For household to qualify, the electricity and natural gas consumption...Read more

A social tariff is to be introduced in 2018 in Bulgaria or later (already being delayed, it was originally planned for 2017) with the new mechanism for protection of vulnerable consumers.Read more

The social tariff is a reduced tariff for electricity and natural gas aimed at certain categories of vulnerable consumers. The measure is funded through levies on electricity and gas. The energy regulator (CREG) calculates the social tariff every six months on the basis of the lowest available...Read more

Target socioeconomic group
Target housing situation

This measure provides financial support for investments to replacing existing heating systems with new, more energy efficient systems using renewable energy sources, such as solar heaters, heat pumps and small biomass furnaces. The measure is part of the Program of energy renovation of family...Read more