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01 Jun 2017

Call for Participants for a pan-European symposium *updated*

Call for Participants for a pan-European symposium *updated*

Advances in fuel poverty research and practice II: a pan-European early career researcher symposium

*Updated – travel bursary scheme is now closed, but free participant registration remains open*

Monday 11th September 2017, Nottingham Conference Centre, UK

Following on from a successful early career research symposium held in Manchester last year, participant registration is open for postgraduate and early career researchers (ECRs) in all disciplines for a second sponsored pan-European symposium on domestic energy deprivation (details below).

Domestic energy deprivation – which is often recognised via the terms ‘fuel poverty’, ‘energy poverty’, and more recently ‘energy vulnerability’ – is prevalent across Europe. Indeed, an estimated 52.1 million households across EU27 alone were struggling to attain adequate warmth, pay their utility bills on time, and live in homes free of damp and mould in 2010 (Thomson, 2015). The adverse impacts experienced by fuel poor households include compromised living standards, lower educational outcomes, and exacerbated health risks. Fuel poverty is gaining increasing acceptance as a significant global policy issue (Bouzarovski and Petrova, 2015), as reflected by the emergence of numerous national and supranational policy frameworks. However, there remains a chronic lack of integrated discussion and interpretation of the problem within the wider scientific and policy community, which may have contributed to the relative marginalisation of policy responses, and prevented the development of knowledge on the issue.

To address the fragmentation of approaches to the challenge of fuel poverty across national and disciplinary boundaries, this symposium seeks to provide a supportive physical and virtual forum for ECRs from all disciplines to:

  • Share emergent research on or related to domestic energy deprivation;
  • Consider the development of an integrated and innovative conceptual framework for the research and amelioration of fuel poverty;
  • Develop national and international collaborations with public policy officials and civil society;
  • Further strengthen the existing multidisciplinary network of researchers from across Europe;
  • Foster a new generation of scholars and practitioners in this field.

The symposium will feature guest talks from key decision-makers, researchers, and practitioners involved with local, national and international initiatives, including Jade Kirk (Robin Hood Energy), Philip Squire (Sustainability Trust NZ), and Jamie-Leigh Ruse and Luke Garrett (National Energy Action). Thereafter, selected attendees will have the opportunity to give short presentations on their own early career work. The event will conclude with interactive small group discussions on fuel poverty research, policy and practice, which will inform the work of the new European Commission funded project, the EU Energy Poverty Observatory (EPOV).

This event is held in partnership with National Energy Action (NEA), one of the UK’s leading fuel poverty charities, and Eaga Charitable Trust, an independent grant-giving trust that supports work on fuel poverty.

Application process:

To register for the free symposium on 11th September, please download, complete and return the application form (docx file, click to download). The call for participants will remain open until Friday 1st September. Please contact Dr Harriet Thomson ( if you have any queries.

Funds for this event were kindly provided by Eaga Charitable Trust, National Energy Action, and the European Commission-funded EU Energy Poverty Observatory (EPOV) project, University of Manchester. The event is held in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University.