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Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Development

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The Regional Centre for Information and Scientific Development (RCISD) is an innovative SME, founded by scientists and R&D managers to carry out scientific research but also to manage R&D projects and to participate in coordination & support actions. As a fast-moving actor, the flexibility of an SME makes it possible to identify and address real market needs and opportunities. RCISD is an “exchange place” between scientific knowledge and managerial skills which are brought together to establish mechanisms, provide services and set up and manage common activities. RCISD also provides a forum where several organisations from different sectors can meet, exchange views and prepare themselves for joint R&D projects. With its resources and specialised tools RCISD aims to lower the barrier between ideas and implementation to make it easier for innovative players to exploit research results and contribute to the European Research Area and a sustainable European competitive position in global economy. The backbone of RCISD is the qualification and experience of human resources having long-standing experience in project participation (both from the scientific and the management side) supported by the European Commission (since FP3). With the FP7 INCO crew saved from Collegium Budapest, Institute for Advanced Study after its termination, RCISD was member of seven FP7 consortia and has ten H2020 project participations.

Mr Béla Kardon PhD was born in Budapest on May 2, 1964. He studied Physics at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Faculty of Science, received his MSc in 1989 (nuclear physics), dr. of Technology in 1995 (applied thermodynamics), PhD in 2003 (heat & mass transfer processes). From 1989 till 1997 he worked as a Scientist at the Gödöllő University, from 1997 till 2001 as Attaché for Science & Technology at the Hungarian Embassy in Bonn. In 2001 he joined the Hungarian Ministry of Education as Program Director for International Bi-lateral R&D Cooperation. In this position he was responsible for the bilateral activities and the respective funding programs with 30 Countries. In 2004 he took office as Head of Unit for Key Technologies, responsible for the Research & Innovation part of the National Strategic Reference Frame in the National Office for Research & Technology. In 2007 he became Senior Scientist and Program Manager at Collegium Budapest, Institute for Advanced Study, in 2009 Senior Scientist and International Expert in the Institute for Applied Telecommunication Technologies of the Bay Zoltán Foundation for Applied Research. 2008 – 2010 he was invited lecturer of the courses Innovation Management and Hungary and the European Union at the ELTE TTK. In September 2010 he became Head of the Department for Science Policy in the new formed Ministry of National Resources. In this position he was responsible for the planning of the higher education development part of the Structural Funds in Hungary. Since January 2015 Dr Kardon is Chief Scientific Officer at the Regional Centre for Information & Scientific Development Ltd. He is also invited lecturer of the course Higher education and science policy in diplomacy at Károli Gáspár University.
Dr Kardon has 25 years experience in international cooperation in the field of energy & environment going back to the Joule-Thermie programme of the EU.

Company thematic experience:

Biological networks
Cultural heritage
Digital libraries and semantics
Ethical questions of healthcare
Energy and environment
Nuclear Fusion / plasma physics / nuclear engineering
Rural development
Science with and for society

Horizontal expertise:

Analysis & Mapping
Mapping exercise, elaborating the local situation of the cooperating countries including international cooperation in the target field
STI barometer: developing a survey about the framework conditions and cooperation opportunities of R&I, exploration of best practises and possible pitfalls, lessons learnt, etc.
Consolidation of the results via focus group meetings and deep interviews
Recommendations for new forms and priorities for future EU cooperation in close cooperation with the expert pool supported by the project
Strategy development, e.g. higher education strategy and/or innovation strategy, smart specialisation, etc.

Advocacy, advice & support
Advice and support to selected stakeholders based on studies, analysis and monitoring work on local political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental conditions.
Advice and support to Hungarian and regional academic as well as industrial/private sector actors on how to internationalise in R&I
Advocacy in favour of open and responsible research and innovation

Quality assurance with the involvement of external reviewers to ensure that the project is achieving its object

Awareness raising & dissemination
Creating a network of the stakeholders; Partnership for Cooperation / Pool of Experience & Excellence
Enhancing international research and innovation cooperation, matchmaking on international level
Awareness-raising, communication and dissemination, training activities on different cooperation opportunities, organisation of dissemination events
Networking services; including partnering events, workshops, boot camps, pitching events, best practice exchange, visits and tours, etc.

Organisation of events; concept & methodology of the organisation of international workshops for R&I cooperation

Capacity building
Organisation of trainings, summer schools, webinars