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Nikola Tomasovic

Nikola Tomasovic's picture
Nikola Tomasović was born in Athens, Greece, in 1988. He is energy consultant with experience and knowledge about the energy sector in the EU and its policy with main focus on South East Europe, especially Western Balkan region, and on Middle East. He attained master’s degree in Energy Economics & Policy after graduating from the School of Electrical Engineering at National Technical University of Athens. He has been PhD candidate at the Faculty of Economics at University of Belgrade. From June 2013 and until November 2015 he had worked at Energoprojekt-Entel as project engineer. Since then, and until April 2017, he had worked with the German company GFA Consulting Group at its subsidiary company GFA South East Europe in Belgrade as energy and climate change consultant. He had also worked with the Danish company NIRAS International Consulting as energy consultant. Nikola’s work has focused on projects regarding state power utilities, national Ministries, regulatory authorities and local authorities, funded and coordinated mainly by international institutions. He has been involved with the activities of the World Energy Council for several year by participating in regional and global events, and collaborating with working groups. He has published several papers and has participated in international and regional workshops and conferences. He speaks fluent English, Greek, Serbian, and well French.