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Luzcontrol Eléctrica S.L.

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LuzControl has the mission of providing information to consumers about their energy and gas consumption to achieve maximum savings and optimization in their energy bill, based on the consumption patterns of the consumers and considering the current energy legislation, also including social bonus. Our interest is not switching electric company but providing the customers with the best options to improve the contract with their current company.
• The customer sends us online a picture of his/her energy bill and Luzcontrol forwards them, in hours, a free customized report with all the tips of how to paid the minimum amount on the bill according to the Electricity Sector legislation. If the customer asks Luzcontrol manage the changes, we will do it for just a percentage of savings.
• On the other hand, we collaborate with NGOs in eradicating energy poverty in Spain and we have agreements with Caritas, the Red Cross and the Spanish Federation of Large Families doing for free our services.
• Currently there is no companies that optimizes energy and gas bills online for free without switching, so we have no direct competition