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Fundación de Familias Monoparentales Isadora Duncan

Fundación de Familias Monoparentales Isadora Duncan's picture
FFM Isadora Duncan is a single-parent Foundation since 2006, our aim is develop family policies and achieve a fulfilled life for all the families. Inside these fields the Foundation develop programs and initiatives as:

The programme for the financial inclusion and education of families was developed in 2011 in order to fill a gap in the provision of financial education for families. During the year 2014 the energy poverty started to be part of our programme as one of the biggest familiar problems. For that our topics were designed to be an effective awareness-raising tool (How to manage a monthly budget/ How to make a distinction between essential spending and spending which can be cut or even avoided altogether/ How to tackle energy poverty) to be used with families. The programme is also a platform for discussions regarding the financial, social and administrative institutions, their products, services and the familiar incomes with a view to ensuring that families do not find themselves in a position of excessive debt, social exclusion and poverty.