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Electric Power Research Center

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Economist and a Ph.D. in Energy and Environmental Planning (COPPE / UFRJ) and Visiting Scholar at University of California (Energy Resources Group/Berkeley - 2015) under the guidance of Prof. Daniel Kammen. Researcher and Project Manager at the Electric Power Research Center (Eletrobras Cepel - Brazil) since the year 2000 and Invited professor at Coppe/UFRJ since 2011 with lessons at post graduation (doctoral classes). The lines of research has been developing: Study of strategies of poverty reduction considering the electric power access; Wind energy and social acceptance in Brazil; Evaluation of potential market of micro-generation of renewable energy in Brazil considering economics, regulatory, technology and social issues, under context of energy planning; Evaluation international strategies to support the renewable energy market in Brazil; Monitoring and evaluation of infrastructure projects; Development of index of sustainability corporate (energy saving, economics & governance); Study of gender and energy nexus; Climate changes and Energy nexus; Investment analysis; Coordination of multidisciplinary team; Coordination of fieldwork; Coordination and development of manager systems; Coordination of development of web Data; Development of project proposals (multidisciplinary); Attraction of public and private funding; Speaker and consultant in the area of energy and sustainability. Member of the editorial board of the journal Technology and Business in Oil (Oil Tn). Jointly authored and co-authored several national and international publications as well as being international journal reviewer.

In addition, should be highlight a interaction with national e international experts, professors and researchers in many areas as poverty, energy planning, energy access, renewable energy and climate changes (Alberta University, University of California, Boston University, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, The Johns Hopkins School of Advanced Analysis – IIASA, Viadrina European University, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Federal Institute of Rio Grande do Norte, Rede Clima/Brazil, Brazilian Forum of Climate Changes).

My main interest is in international cooperation to research in Brazil and scientific publication, besides the opportunity to be a Visiting Scholar or Postdoctoral studies in international university or institute of research considering mani the following themes: energy poverty; wind energy and social acceptance; renewable energy and regulatory innovation.