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alireza khosravi

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I have got my Bachelor in Business Management, MSc in Economic and Political Science (economic analysis and policy) , my PhD in Energy and environment (Sustainable development and International cooperation) at Sapienza University of Rome.
I have always had interest in Industries Competitiveness by putting innovation and knowledge in core and I believe that my academic and working experience related to finance & energy market, internationalization and energy industrial clusters helped me not only to develop a good base and understanding of strategies inside market competitiveness, but also to plan sustainable development for target market or industry.
My soft skills include but not limed to inquisitive approach to planning and bring new strategies to market management and analysis, the ability to maintain a pleasant and friendly attitude and to work efficiently when working alone or as part of a team ,time management and organizational skills along with the ability to prioritize and multitask to help (keep operations running efficiently, or research be fulfilled efficiently).
Beyond these qualifications, I have an insatiable desire to keeping learning about Dialogue and Dialogue Competitiveness and thrive for doing Job in the field of find new innovated ways in practice.
Thank you for your consideration.