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PhD courses on energy poverty, or research collaboration?

Hello. My name is Jenny von Platten and I am a PhD student at Lund University in Sweden. Energy poverty is an unexplored phenomenon in the Swedish context. However, I just had a smaller collaboration with the Swedish Energy Agency where I provided an overview of the status of energy poverty in Sweden. I am very interested in this topic and I would like to learn more from countries with more experience of working with and researching energy poverty. I have two questions:

1) Are there any universities in Europe that offer PhD courses on topics related to energy poverty?

2) Are there any research groups within this field that are able to take on a visiting PhD student for a couple of weeks/months?

I warmly welcome any recommendations as I am rather new in this field!

Best regards,

Ph.D. course in Europe

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Thesis Related Research and Drafts

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PhD courses

These are the best dynamic collaboration and research study programs you suggest and initiate lots of universities in Europe to deal with such an energy and poverty elevation research collaboration program. PhD dissertation writing services UK is one of them provides data and according to the authentic organization's measures like a collection of development indicators and also launched many Ph.D. courses. As well the University of Sussex can offer financial support to maximize opportunities to explore new resources.