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Funding schemes

If you know of any relevant funding schemes that would finance work on addressing energy poverty, please list them below in the replies section. This might also be a good place to say if you are looking for partners to collaborate with on funding applications. 

One of the biggest open calls I am currently aware of is this Horizon 2020 call 'Mitigating household energy poverty'. Full details available here:

Banking engagement

The financial community has not been involved actively (at least in my experience), we need an ally on the banking/financial community to help us translate the key energy poverty issues, consecuences and impacts. Prospective analysis must be done to show where will society go if we keep “business as usual” and avoid tackling energy poverty.

You already have the data, now we need to sell it!

Horizon 2020 'Mitigating Households energy poverty'

I work for a Belgian (Flemish) NGO doing advocacy for and with people in energy poverty, setting up own solutions in the fight against energy poverty and doing lobby work on (mostly) Flemish regulation/legislation level. When it comes to adressing people in energy poverty in Flanders we're one of the main stakeholders. We work with participation of the people themselves and in empowering ways.

We're interested in joining other European projects against energy poverty in this Horizon2020 call. So please do contact me, either through this website or through my email :

expertise offer for the Horizon 2020 call 'Mitigating household energy poverty'

We are a research institute with sociological knowledge and research competences regarding energy use and social disparities in energy use, factors influencing energy consumption, energy poverty, public attitudes regarding energy efficiency measures and reneweable energy sources, impact assessment of interventions and relevant policies.


Staff members of the Institute have been involved in various projects regarding energy and society, including FP7 projects Governance, infrastructure, lifestyle dynamics and energy demand: European post-carbon communities (GILDED), Civil Society for Sustainability (CSS) and Development and application of standardized methodology for the PROspective SUstaInability assessment of TEchnologies (PROSUITE). With partners (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Department Civil Engineering and Architecture (DICAR) of the University of Catania, LAPTA (Laboratorio per la Pianificazione Territoriale e Ambientale), Habitat for Humanity International, Europe, Middle East and Africa  area office) we are now launching a two-year research project on the societal challenges of energy use, one of the focus themes of which is the micro- and mezolevel social and environmental impacts of energy poverty.

We are interested in joining a consortium for the Horizon 2020 call 'Mitigating household energy poverty' as a partner organisation - should you look for a partner with such competences, please contact us, either here or via the mail address