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8 and 9 Novermber 2018 Conference on Fuel Poverty and Health in Sheffield, UK

This conference is the last event in the ESRC funded seminar series on cold homes, fuel poverty and their impact on health. The conference is held in association with the Fuel Poverty Research Network (FPRN).

The series has considered the influence of social and health inequalities and focused on policy influences, impact and interventions. Research on health impact of cold homes and fuel poverty has tended to focus upon discrete disciplines such as epidemiology, housing, energy efficiency and energy provision. Through FPRN, this event will bring together a unique multi-disciplinary perspective to examine the inter-relationship between factors and identify research priorities for the future. Day 1 will be an interactive day discussing current evidence and identify research priorities. Day 2 will be an opportunity for stakeholders (academic, public sector, industry and voluntary sector) to develop new research collaborations and projects that address these research priorities.

To register please use the link below