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01 Aug 2019 to 10 Sep 2019

SmartBEEjS is recruiting an Early Stage Researcher (PhD student) in Behavioural and Experimental Economics

Research Event
IT Italy

As part of the Horizon2020, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA), Innovative Training Networks (ITN),  the Smart-BEEjS Human-Centric Energy Districts: Smart Value Generation by Building Efficiency and Energy Justice for Sustainable Living project has been awarded. 

Smart BEEjS invites applications for the following Marie Sklodowska Curie fellowship, starting in October 2019:

Testing Behaviourally Informed interventions to tackle Energy Poverty in Social Housing Districts.

The objective of the project is to explore insights from Behavioural Economics to help policy makers understand and target the behavioural mechanisms that hinder an effective transition to Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) needed to tackle energy poverty in social housing areas. The Early Stage Researcher (ESR) will design and conduct laboratory and field experiments drawing from behavioural economics, and propose evidence-based policy advice to create PEDs.

The position allows the young researcher to participate in an exciting programme comprising international schools, workshops, and secondments at academic and non-academic partners.

In particular, during the three-year project, two secondments are planned:

1)    Agenzia per L’Energia Alto Adige –  CasaClima, to disseminate the field experiment in Bolzano Social Housing District to local actors and explore their willingness to promote energy efficiency in a just way.

2)    Cognitive and Experimental Economic Laboratory (CEEL) Università Degli Studi di Trento, to acquire the skills to design and conduct a laboratory experiment on technology acceptance.

By the end of the programme, the young researcher will have the skills required to be transformative and influential champions and leaders of tomorrow, promoting Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) and Energy Justice for all citizens.

The successful applicant will be based at Eurac Research (Bozen/Bolzano – Italy) and will have the possibility to enrol to the PhD Program in Economics at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Tasks and Requirements:

· See person specification at the following link

Specific Fellowship Requirements:

· Graduate degree at the MA level (or equivalent) in economics, behavioural economics or econometrics.

· Training in advanced microeconomics, behavioural economics and econometric method.

· Knowledge of experimental economics and skills to use statistical software (e.g. Stata).

· Previous experience with lab and/or field experiments is desirable.

· Knowledge of Italian is desirable.


· See job description at the following link

How to apply:

· Interested candidates should submit their application by 10.09.2019 according to the instructions at the following link