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19 Jun 2019

EUSEW Session - An inclusive Energy Union to address energy poverty – challenges at local level

Policy eventPublic campaign
EU European Union

The Clean Energy package in Europe sets out the concept for the energy transition. Consumers stand at the core of the Energy Union and through the Clean Energy transition package provisions are laid down in order to make consumers benefit from energy transition and on top of that, new provisions acknowledge the importance of eradicating energy poverty.  Further to that, energy poverty is an extremely complex problem and requires a diverged and comprehensive across the EU. Appropriate solutions must therefore be found at local and regional level, placing local and regional authorities at the forefront of the fight against energy poverty.

 Key topics:

-   Tools in the Clean Energy package to addresses energy poverty;

-   What local authorities do to help energy poor consumers; presentation of good examples and best practices;

- How Horizon 2020 pilot projects contributed to alleviation of energy poverty at local level